By shannon

Just some simple writings on my life and thoughts. I’m a California girl spending a year in Amsterdam as an au pair, trying to navigate my way through the city and through life without much of a map to speak of. Perhaps you can relate to this.

All the photos were taken by me, unless they are of something like the Temptations 40 years ago, and they clearly were not. If you’d like to see more, click on the links in the Photos column on the right.

Enjoy! And please, leave a comment. It won’t show up immediately as it has to be approved first.

Thanks for visiting.


1 Response to “What is this?”

  1. 1 Donna
    September 30, 2008 at 1:48 am

    Hi Shannon!

    What a thoughtful, observant writer you are. Our family is full of very creative, expressive folks, isn’t it? I love your photographs also. I had looked all your blogs before I came here, and was hoping the photos were yours. I’m looking forward to more of your adventures and insights. Keep them coming!

    Aunt Donna

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