Where there’s rain…

Fall has officially begun. It has been raining all week, with no end in sight. Everyday I see more yellow and orange leaves hanging from the trees that line the canals. Last night, I got caught outside in a sudden and fierce hail storm (at least it seemed pretty intense to me). Lightning crackled in the muddy sky as big chunks of ice pattered on my umbrella and gathered in the gaps between the cobblestones.

Having never lived through a real winter in my life and unsure of how I’ll handle it, I feel a bit like I’m waiting for judgement day as I watch the black clouds creep over the city. Or maybe like a small forest critter huddling in a cave watching the rain fall outside, actually wondering if it will survive the next few months. The sad thing is, the worst they get here in Amsterdam is a lot of rain and high winds; they haven’t even seen a real snow storm in 20 years. It’s not as though I’m living in the Arctic Circle or some place like, say, Wisconsin. Even so, I’m a little scared.

It seems, though, that the weather is fickle enough to provide pockets of sun as the clouds move and change with the wind. Today we had about an hour of such luck, so I took the boys out for a walk before giving them lunch in the garden. I walked a little too far for comfort, too far to have an easy stroll home if it started pouring again while we were out there, and I couldn’t help but look up every five seconds to moniter the pattern of the clouds. So, this is what my life will be for the next year, I thought. Constant worry that one single rain cloud will purposefully place itself above my head and release it’s watery load, soaking myself and the children.

But then, as I turned the industrial-strength stroller with its built-in plastic rain cover around to head back towards home, I saw a rainbow. Full and bright and reaching from end to end.

I’d almost forgotten that where there’s rain, there are rainbows. And I can live with that.


Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera. But a rainbow is a rainbow. Always color, always uplifting.


2 Responses to “Where there’s rain…”

  1. 1 Sara
    October 3, 2008 at 4:07 am

    I would LOVE a good rain here. It rained Monday. I was thrilled! I thought, “Bring out my cute J.Crew boots and sweater vests!” Only to be followed by 100 degree dry heat. Miserable. But hell, I was indoors the entire time in air conditioning so I suppose it all feels the same in the BioDome (my office.)

    I found some of your notes today in the office. I recognized the writing immediately. I looked at them fondly but then of course threw them away, “Why the hell do we have all these old notes?” Sorry. I’m brutal. You and the other intern both left your trace. Haunting me.

  2. 2 becca
    October 8, 2008 at 12:41 am

    what do you miss the MOST. and what is your address?

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